Koffler Vision Services

Our doctors would like to welcome you to Koffler Vision Group. Koffler Vision Group was founded by world-renowned ophthalmic surgeon Dr. Bruce H. Koffler in 1983. The practice offers a broad range of services, from routine to complex, to patients across the Commonwealth and across the country. Below are some, but not all of the services we provide. We also invite you to contact the Center directly for further information on each topic listed.

General Eye Care

General Eye Care

Thorough eye examinations, eyeglass prescriptions and contact lens fittings are all in a day’s work for our caring, highly trained team. Koffler Vision Group offers these services among others to offer the most comprehensive and informative care in Kentucky. 


Specialty Contact Lens

Corneal Reshaping Therapy (CRT)
Koffler Vision is proud to be the only office in central Kentucky to fit the CRT lens! The CRT has no age restrictions, which makes the lens ideal for children that may be too young for surgical options such as LASIK.

Specialty Keratoconus Lens
Koffler also specializes in the fitting of the latest keratoconus lenses available on the market today. If you suffer from the effects of keratoconus, and are tired of not being able to use traditional contact lenses than this is the practice for you!



LASIK is a popular surgical approach used to correct vision in people who are nearsighted, farsighted, or have astigmatism.

Combine the customization for an individual's eye with the laser’s ability to track and center on the pupil and the results are a higher percentage of 20/20 vision.